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In addition to providing you the perfect rug, we want to make sure the whole process from the design to years of professional cleaning and repair.

Custom Rug Design Services

Lawrence of la brea sets the stage for individual style. fine rugs and exotic textiles are the heart of our talent, apparent in our vast selection from around the world. We collaborate with, and are inspired by, the international interior and fashion design community. We are members of the American Society of Interior designers. In addition to design partnership, we provide expert care in restoration, cleaning and appraisal services.

Care & Restoration Services

Our carpet care service is faster than our inventory. With expert hands we perform miracles every day: spot cleaning, hand washing, air-drying, deodorizing, fabric sealing, repair and reweaving of even the most delicate works of textile art.We custom dye and color match with expertise gained over many years of loving care and our appraisal services are here to help you protect your loving investment.

High End Rug Rental Services

Our ability to bring life and expression to your special event is another arrow in our quill. by filling short-term needs, our rental service has earned us long-term relationships. As members of the set decorators society of America, our carpets have brought style and substance to numerous films and television productions.

Staircase runners

Our designers wanted to create something that was revolutionary yet familiar. They not only created a new trend, but also a new archetype for indoor flooring – one that blurs the boundary between the utilitarian and traditional design.

"The kilim-covered stairs are the first thing you see when you step inside."
— Christine Lennon

Redefining interior design

The comfort of the carpet you choose where you most use it.

Intuitive Control

We are not limiting this service to machine-made carpets. You can use virtually any rug that speaks to you.

Versatile Application

Available for any staircase size. We customize models to complement any residential, office or hospitality environment.

Nimble instillation

Our staff of trained professionals work in the most delicate environments and are trained to leave your home free of any distress.


This is a bespoke service, each clients home and rug choices drastically affect our pricing. Because of this we have developed an appraisal process that can be done online or over the phone. Leave us a detailed message below or visit our contact page and come see us in person!

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We work on a lot of special projects, with or without a designer involved, your dream decor is still possible. Contact us for your special projects.

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