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At Lawrence of La Brea, we are committed to providing our clients with the perfect rug and set the stage for individual style. We have an array of collections worldwide and collaborate with the international interior and fashion design community. Our staircase runners are not only revolutionary but also feel familiar. We have created a new archetype for indoor flooring, which is now a trend and blends both traditional and utilitarian designs. A staircase runner from Lawrence of La Brea will help redefine your interior design and improve your comfort. They are versatile and can be applied to any size of staircase. You can request a tailor-made carpet for your office, home, or hospitality environment. Our services allow for intuitive control, and you can choose the rug of your preference, not just machine-made carpets. We offer agile installation with our well-trained professionals who work in the most delicate environments and ensure you are satisfied with the work. Our pricing depends on your choice since it’s a bespoke service. You can find our appraisal process online or consult via the phone.

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Choosing the Perfect Staircase Runner

If you are looking to buy a new staircase runner or looking to replace your old one, there are various factors you need to consider. Staircase runners are essential for various reasons and provide numerous benefits. Some of the benefits include:

Protecting your staircase

Staircase runners help to protect your staircase, especially the ones you use daily. It offers protection against scratches, scuffs and maintains the physical structure of the staircase. Carpet runners also protect your staircase when you are moving things like furniture over it within your home. If your stairs experience heavy traffic, they are likely to get damaged. A stair runner can protect your hardwood stairs from pets crawling at the wood or from wear and tear due to prolonged use.

Reduce sound

Wooden stairs usually make a lot of noise when you step on them. They can be creaky, and the noise is heard throughout the house leading to discomfort. Installing a staircase runner can eliminate the noise or at least reduce it to a minimum.


Stair runners act as cushions for your stairs and make it comfortable for you to walk on them. They also help trap heat when it gets cold so that your feet won’t get cold as you use the stairs. Stair runners also make your stairs look longer. They make your home feel grand, especially for smaller properties.


Stair runners make your wood staircase safer as they can prevent slipping and falling. They also provide proper footing as you walk up and down the stairs. It is safer to fall on a carpet than natural wood as it mitigates the chances of injuries.


A staircase rug can add a finishing touch to your beautiful wooden staircase and bring attention to them. It can bring your top and bottom level together and make your stairs look more elegant. Spruce up your interior décor with stair runners that come in different colors, patterns, and textures.

Materials for Your Stair Runner

Wool is the common material used for stair runners. It is natural and very durable, meaning your stair carpet will last for many years. Wool naturally feels good on your feet, and its flatter will hold better on the stairs. It is usually the most expensive material.

Wool can also be blended with other materials like nylon or polyester. This increases its durability and still maintains the softness of the wool. Bling wool with others also reduces its price. Synthetic materials include polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc. They are very durable and easy on the dye, making them easy to clean. Synthetic materials usually have a solid texture and are less expensive than wool.

You can choose a stair runner from the existing patterns or have your custom stair runner made by our designers. You can with bold colors such as black and white or choose distinctive patterns such as diamond, stripped, or herringbone. When choosing a custom design, you need to select various materials, colors, and sizes that match your needs and preferences.

Stair runners require an underpad or cushion. The underpad is usually very thin, so it does not raise the height of the carpet. It should also be dense to support the runner and prevent it from flexing too much under heavy traffic. The underpad is installed so that it’s not visible on the sides of the staircase.

The types of stairs can influence the type of material and size. Custom stairs will require custom carpets made for them. You can also consider the overall width of the stairs, desired runner width, overall number of steps, and approximate size of landing.


Your choice of installation can make all the difference with stair runners. Before the installation of a carpet, expert measurements are required to ensure it lasts many years. Our skilled professionals will ensure that the patterns look perfect. Stair runners can be installed using the waterfall or Hollywood method.

The waterfall method involves installing the carpet over the edge of thread for a perfect fit ideal for patterns. In the Hollywood method, the carpet is wrapped around the edge of the tread. The method you choose depends on your preference.

Staircase Runner FAQs

What rugs can be made into staircase runners?

Wool and nylon are usually most preferred for stair runners. This is because they are very durable and soft on the feet.

Why hire a professional for your staircase runner install?

Professional installation ensures that your stair runner is installed perfectly with accurate measurements. You may not have access to all the tools needed for carpet installation, such as knee kicker or tubing cutter.

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