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Rug care and rug restoration are just as important as carefully choosing a rug to purchase. Unless your rug is hanging on a wall for decoration, chances are people, as well as pets, walk on it on a continuous basis. As a result, not only will the rug accumulate dirt over time, but it will experience wear and tear over time, also. Rugs, especially vintage and luxury rugs, should only be cared for with professional services such as services by Lawrence of La Brea. The Los Angeles-based Lawrence of La Brea, owned by David Nourafshan, who has over 25 years of experience in the field, offers top-quality, unique designer rugs to purchase and rent. The professional rug company also provides expert care and restoration services.

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Each Rug Has Its Care and Restoration Needs

Every rug has its care and restoration needs, and the age and construction of a rug must be taken into consideration by its owner. For example, rugs produced in the 19th century were made with organic materials, such as 100 percent silk or wool, and natural dyes. They were not mass-produced as many rugs are today. Therefore, an ancient rug is an individual piece. Consequently, it is not included in a group of rugs with a similar or exact design. A valuable, unique rug is like a priceless work of art. They are especially valuable because they are limited in availability.

Therefore, when determining the care or restoration of such rugs, choosing a professional service is essential. Poor services can harm your rug and, therefore, devalue it. Just because a rug is old doesn't mean it is highly valuable if it is damaged beyond reasonable repair.

Never hire a company to clean your Turkish rug, for example, unless they have the skills and the knowledge to do it. Never hire a company to repair the fringe on your Tibetan rug, for instance, unless they have the skills and the ability to do it.

When you hire a professional to repair your rug, you need to do it as soon as you notice the problem, not months or years later. Ignoring a repair can turn the situation into a more severe problem. For luxury and vintage rugs, even if your rug is not showing a need for repairs, you should have it serviced every five years.

When you hire an expert to clean your rug, the cleaning should be part of a regular schedule. You should send your luxury rug out at least once every five years for professional cleaning. Not cleaning your rug regularly results in harder-to-clean surfaces, particularly if your rug is located in a high foot traffic area.

When you take your rug in to be checked for repairs that's also the time when you should have it professionally cleaned. An expert company is trained at doing both. So there's no need to contact two companies.

Finally, you should never attempt do-it-yourself cleaning and repairing your valuable rug. You've invested in buying your luxury rug, but the investment doesn't stop there. You must also include professional care and restoration as needed.

Luxury Rug Cleaning Services

In the earlier centuries, individuals beat rugs with broomsticks or rods to get rid of the dirt. Today, professional cleaners use specially formulated cleaners and tools that are gentle on the rug and don't cause the colors to bleed or the rug to shrink.

For tough stains on rugs, expert rug companies use professional stain removers. Keep in mind what we mentioned before, however. To prevent tough stains from happening, it's important to get your rug cleaned regularly, not after it has gotten especially dirty. Lawrence of La Brea rug care includes expertly cleaning luxury rugs, including handwashing, spot cleaning, air-drying, deodorizing, and more.

Luxury Rug Restoration

There are many reasons for rug restoration. One of the most common reasons for repairs is fringe repair. The owner must pay attention to the fringe with an ancient rug or any quality rug with fringe. You want to keep the knots in your rug intact. Fringe on a rug must be handled properly and by hand, not a machine. Lawrence of La Brea specializes in restoring luxury rugs, including fringe repair, fabric sealing, reweaving, custom dye and color match, etc.

How Do You Clean or Repair a Rug With Lawrence of La Brea?

Lawrence of La Brea specializes in fine rugs and exotic textiles worldwide, and they collaborate with international interior and fashion designers. Many celebrities, such as Maria Sharapova, Kendall Jenner, and George Clooney have included rugs by Lawrence of La Brea in their beautiful homes. In the Los Angeles area? When you're ready to clean or repair your rug, contact the Lawrence of La Brea team. They are careful with luxury and vintage rugs every step of the way.

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