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Purchasing a rug from a department store or a home improvement store may result in cheap quality, basic styles, and a limited selection. Therefore, when buying or renting a luxury rug, a private company focusing solely on rugs, such as Lawrence of La Brea, is the way to go. Based in Los Angeles and owned by David Nourafshan, who has over 25 years of experience in the field, Lawrence of La Brea offers unique, exotic, designer, top-quality rugs and textiles from across the globe. These are the type of rugs that can pass the test of any rug aficionado. In addition to purchasing is the option of renting a luxury rug. Lawrence of La Brea rug rental services provides top-quality rugs for short-term needs.

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Who Can Rent Rugs From Lawrence of La Brea?

Anyone is welcome to rent a rug from Lawrence of La Brea.

Real estate agents staging properties

When real estate agents stage properties, such as a home, they are decorating the property to make it more attractive to buyers. Those staging are trained to know exactly what needs to be done to make properties presentable.

Staging can involve rearranging what is already there, performing a deep clean, or bringing items in such as furniture, plants, lamps, trinkets, pictures, etc. Including an attractive rug in the staging process is an excellent way to beautify the space. The kind of rug will depend on the home. Antique rug rentals work well for vintage homes, for example.

Movies and photoshoots

The nature of movie shoots and photoshoots is that they are temporary situations. A movie shoot location, for example, occurs in an outdoor or indoor studio, with items that are removed once the movie shoot is over. So let's look at an example: The movie set is an expensive modern one-level home with lots of windows. Renting a modern, hand-loomed designer cotton rug is a perfect piece to place in a high-end contemporary home used for a movie set.

Art Galleries and Other Special Events

Special events are an excellent opportunity to rent a quality rug. For example, art openings are typically temporary events that are open for days or a few weeks. The artwork, of course, is what draws the crowd and beautifies the space. However, a quality rug that attendees can walk on adds to the beauty of the event.

How Do You Rent a Rug From Lawrence of La Brea?

Where you rent a quality rug is significant. Renting for staging, an art exhibition, a special event, etc., should not be handled haphazardly. A rug, such as for an art exhibition, could benefit the event if it is highly unique and not a design or type that most are familiar with.

There are many modern rugs available that would work for an artistic space. These styles are catching on with wealthy celebrities who are opting for choices over Persian, for example.

When buying or renting a quality rug, one benefit is having an expert help you with the choices. This is why renting from a professional place such as Lawrence of La Brea is the way to go. All you have to do is contact the Lawrence of La Brea team, experts, and members of the Set Decorators Society of America. They will work with you to get you paired with the perfect rental and quote.

Why rent from Lawrence of La Brea?

Rent a top-quality, high-end, unique rug for staging a home, a media project, or a special event such as an art show, wedding, or corporate event. Unlike machine-made rugs, renting from Lawrence of La Brea means professionally handmade, high-quality materials in many styles.

These aren't just rugs; these are rugs from around the world that make a statement. The professionals at Lawrence of La Brea collaborate and are inspired by the fashion design community and the international interior world.

The Lawrence of La Brea philosophy is that a patterned rug is not simply a decoration; it's a way of life and an expression of the owner's personality. That kind of thinking means that, unlike mass-market rugs, Lawrence of La Brea looks for the rarest and most extraordinary rugs available.

In the Los Angeles area? Visit our showroom to get up close and personal with our newest collections and special deals. In addition to our collection of rugs, we also provide installation, restoration, cleaning, and appraisal services.

When you need to rent a luxury rug, go with an acclaimed company like Lawrence of La Brea. Call us to book an appointment and rent a quality, designer rug for your next event or project. Lawrence of La Brea offers both modern and antique rug rentals.

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