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Lawrence of La Brea offers exotic textile and fine rugs that will set the bar for an individual style. We have a pool of talented artisans from around the globe that will make you the perfect rug. Our inspiration comes from the international interior and fashion design community, with who we also do collaborations. Lawrence of La Brea gives you a chance to craft your piece of luxury and make a huge statement piece. Since every room in your home has its unique significance, you may need a customized rug. This will bring out your artistic side and speak more of your taste. A custom rug is inspired by your creative mind and the area where you will set the rug. You need to find the correct pattern, shape, and size to bring the whole room together. A rug is an essential component in your home décor that expresses your style. Finding the ideal carpet can enhance your room’s look and feel. Even with the multiple rug choices available, finding the perfect handmade rug you prefer is challenging. The coloring and size might not fit your preference. Lawrence of La Brea helps you customize your rug from scratch. Lawrence of La Brea's bespoke service will help you personalize your rug to match your style and taste. The design team will work with you to ensure that the final product fits your aspiration.

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Enhance Your Room with a Custom Rug

A rug offers you more than just comfort. It mutes the sound and protects the room. It also holds together all the current style components of a room and helps to carry a point of convergence to the room.

Finding the right size carpet can elevate your room’s appeal as much as adding fascinating surface, shading tone, or mixing various designs. On the other hand, if you are looking for smoothing that will display your character through its stylistic theme, a custom rug will do the trick.

When ordering a custom rug, you should focus on the rug measurements, texture, color, and material to match your décor. At Lawrence of la Brea, you get multiple choices to design your rug with different styles, shapes, materials, and patterns.

You get the chance to work with our designers and choose either contemporary rugs or traditional carpet, synthetic or natural, large or small, dull or bright color, and many more aspects.

Rooms have various sizes, and they are not all standard. Rugs from Lawrence of La Brea are custom made to fit into any room and come in an assortment of leather, wool, jute, polyester, and execution styles. You need to have accurate measurements of the room space you will be covering when ordering for the rug.

Custom rugs can help transform your home’s look into a design-inspired space. Throughout the design process, you will be able to see the rendering of the proposed design and how it will look in position. You will get an extensive array of designs that can be adapted to customize a rug according to your preference. You can down or upscale colors, alter colors, order specific shapes and sizes, or change yarns until you find the perfect rug.

Things to Consider for Your Custom Size Rug

When looking for a custom-size rug, you need to consider four things, including the shape, apt size, right material, and bold pattern or solid hues.


The apt size is obviously one of the most considerable aspects when selecting a rug. When it comes to custom rugs, bigger is not necessarily better. However, a big rug can make a small living area look bigger. It would help if you also considered any HVAC grille that may be covered by the rug or any door swings and doorways.

You can choose a custom rug that leaves the floor exposed or completely covers the walkway. A rule of thumb when it comes to rugs is that they should completely cover all four feet of furniture. A small rug can cause imbalanced, rocking end tables when you put items down.


Depending on your preference, you can choose a plain or patterned custom rug. A patterned rug gives a room a bold appearance and can act as the defining feature of living space. There are endless choices to patterned rugs to choose from traditional designs to free-form contemporary designs. You can request a sample first before rushing into a pattern you are not sure of.


When customizing your rug, you need to think beyond rectangular or circular mats. There are various shapes to choose from, including oval rugs, square carpets, burnout area rugs, and hexagonal mats. The shape will depend on your home décor taste and the floor space to be covered by the rug.


Lawrence of La Brea offers numerous rug materials to choose from. Custom rugs come in silk, cotton, viscose, wool, leather, and many more. You can even combine the materials to mix the individual characteristics of each material. This can lead to a unique glimpse and ambience. The material will also depend on where you want to place it in your house.

Design FAQ's

Can Lawrence of La Brea match my specific needs?

Yes! Lawrence of La Brea will get you the exact colors, textures, designs, and feeling you want from your tailor-made rug.

Can I be involved in the process?

Yes! Lawrence of La Brea will get involved every step of the way and won’t leave you in the dark. The team at Lawrence of La Brea is highly experienced in making custom rugs and has a loyal client base of some of the world’s most renowned designers and celebrities.

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