Jeans Rug 10017528

United States
Machine Made
7'11" x 9'06"
$ 5,000 USD
Jeans Rug 10017528
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It's the 21st-century, and modern rugs are as popular as ever. The contemporary styles are typically uncluttered and straightforward, with smooth, clean lines and artistic flair. Modern area rugs from Lawrence of La Brea's shop in Los Angeles, owned by David Nourafshan, who has 25 plus years of experience in the field, are high-quality, luxury rugs that embrace solid geometric patterns, light-colored hues, and vibrant bursts of color.  You can consider these rugs modern works of art due to their eye-popping visual impact.

Machine Made

Machine-made rugs are made using large machines, called power looms, which are automated and controlled by computers.  They are manufactured quickly using wool and synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc.  With today’s technology, these power looms make it possible to copy intricate designs and patterns that were once only able to be woven by hand.  Quality machine made rugs are rich in color and detail and create stunning area rugs.

Machine-made rugs offer a variety of benefits to the consumer looking for a more affordable option to a handmade rug.  They are more durable and are great options for high traffic areas or places that will receive more wear and tear and are perfect for families with children or pets.  Machine made rugs are typically machine washable as opposed to hand made rugs.

You can distinguish a machine-made rug by the fringe; if the fringe is sewn on, it is a machine-made rug.  Another good rule of thumb is the difference in material; it is rare to see a machine-made rug made from wool, cotton, or silk.  A hand made rug will almost primarily be made from wool.

As always, there are other characteristic traits that allow you to discern between a machine-made rug or a hand-made rug.

Lawrence of LaBrea offers a great selection of machine-made rugs and our staff is always more than happy to assist you to ensure you leave with the perfect rug for you!


There are several natural fibers that are used to create area rugs throughout the world.  Here at Lawrence of La Brea, David has scoured the world to bring you sustainable, high quality, organically textured rugs to perfect your vision.  

Each type of natural fiber used to create an area rugs have certain characteristics that are inherent to that fiber; some are naturally hypo-allergenic, many can be dyed, and one even has a wax coating that makes it easy to clean and can go in just about any location or room.

Cotton is hypoallergenic, durable, and less expensive than wool. It is fairly common to find cotton blended with wool. Cotton fibers hold dye well which makes them perfect for vibrant colors and patterns.

Passion for design.

We believe a patterned rug is not just a decoration. It’s a way of life – and a powerful expression of an individual’s personality.

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