Vintage Turkish 10020640
Hand Tufted
2'11" x 11'00"
$ 2,030 USD
Vintage Turkish 10020640
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If you think of antiques as being outdated, obsolete, passé…you have come to the wrong place. Here at Lawrence of La Brea, the word antique evokes so much more than that. These rugs are unique. They are rare. They are timeless.

Hand crafted to withstand the test of time, each one of these rugs are sustainable pieces of art and are beautiful examples of craftsmanship at its finest. To be considered an antique, ideally, it should be more than 50 years old. Antique rugs age gracefully which naturally sets them apart from synthetic rugs that were drenched in acid to create an antique façade.  

Each one of these rugs comes with its own story. Each one will help you create the visual inspiration you are looking for; creating a dramatic backdrop for you to tell your own story. Many of these antique rugs are Nomadic Tribal pieces, recognizable by their more geometric motifs as opposed to the floral and curved motifs of others.

Every one of these Lawrence of La Brea Antique rugs are decorative, have character, and will help to create the perfect ambiance or conversation piece. Or both.

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted rugs are crafted using a tufting tool, or tufting gun, to punch the yarn into a fabric backing to hide the glue that is holding the rug together.  A stencil canvas is stretched behind so the design can be traced/punched into the rug.

A hand-tufted rug is made partially by hand and a machine and varies greatly from a hand-knotted rug.  Hand-tufted rugs have a flat, cut pile surface with a backing added to hold the tufts in place.  While hand-tufted rugs are not as durable as those that are hand knotted, they can still last for over 20 years with the proper care.

All of our hand-tufted rugs at Lawrence of La Brea can add character to create the perfect vibe you are looking for!


The mention of wool may no longer surprise you as this material is vastly known for its durability and quality. It has long been the norm that materials sourced from Mother Nature are inevitably some of the finest ones in the world.

Rugs made of wool come at a hefty price only because they last the longest, despite being a soft haven even when barefoot. Even more so if the wool is sourced from highlands where a sheep’s wool is thicker and would be more resistant to dirt, dust, and water.

Natural materials are always the superior quality in comparison to synthetic ones. The material of the base should be wool, silk, or cotton for better quality. Wool rugs should be completely matte in comparison to a shiny silk rug.  Natural materials also have an effect of the air quality of the air in the room that it is placed in.

Passion for design.

We believe a patterned rug is not just a decoration. It’s a way of life – and a powerful expression of an individual’s personality.

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