December 22, 2021

Rug Trends to Look Out For in 2022 

If you are looking for a stylish rug option for your home, then you should check out antique rugs because they are back in style. Antique rugs are rugs that are at least 80 years old

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If you are looking for a stylish rug option for your home, then you should check out antique rugs because they are back in style. Antique rugs are rugs that are at least 80 years old. So given the present timeline, antique rug pieces were produced in the period before 1940. So does this mean that the antique rugs are old, rugged, and tattered? No. Actually, the term antique does not just imply age. It also describes unique characteristics such as weaving technique, materials, cultural authenticity, and quality of design that modern rugs may lack.

The trend of luxury rugs as antique rugs

Luxury rugs are the type of rugs that people select when they want their space to exude elegance and affluence. And antique rugs are the new sophisticated luxury rugs because of their distinctiveness, traditional craft weaving techniques, and high cost. Antique rugs are naturally more valuable and costly compared to normal modern rugs because of their exclusivity.

Antique rugs will be the best luxury rugs in 2022 because of the natural dyes and hand-spun wool that produce an illusion of more space with a radiant animated surface. This is especially perfect if you are looking for an antique rug with a striking color that will blend with neutral furniture in a room. Therefore, if you want an impressive and rich space with a touch of elegance, then antique rugs are the way to go in 2022. Check out our antique rugs on the Lawrence of La Brea website to find picturesque antique rugs that will best suit your space.

How a high-end antique rug can beautifully tie together your space?

For a high-end antique rug to add coziness and elegance to a room, you need to find the best way to position it. This is how to make an antique rug blend beautifully with your space.

Ensure that the rug embraces the space

For instance, if you want to place the antique rug in a living room, a small-sized rug would look out of place in the living room. Instead, go for a large antique rug that will create a cozy area while embracing the furniture in the room.

Be careful of how you position the rug beneath the dinner table

If you intend to place the antique rug under the dinner table, ensure that you center the table with the rug. This means that the chairs need to be inside the antique rug area. And of course, ensure that the chairs are easy to push or pull when using them.

Place the rug under your couch correctly

Perhaps you want to create a warm environment around your favorite couch by placing the smooth antique rug beneath it. If your couch is against a wall, position the rug beneath the couch. Ensure that the edges of the rug are equal on both sides of the couch.

Try different positions for the rug in the bedroom

If you intend to put the antique rug in the bedroom, there are various ways that you can position it to create an inviting and comfortable space. You can place a portion of the rug beneath the bed so that parts of the rug stick out of the bed. Alternatively, you can get two or more antique rugs from Lawrence of La Brea and place the rugs on each side of the bed.

Where do antique rugs come from?

Antique rugs have stood the test of time because they provide a combination of history and beauty to a room. Currently, there are many antique rug styles from different past eras. Today you can find antique rugs from a majority of the cultures around the world. Below are some of the most popular antique rug origins according to their appearance, material, and construction.

Oriental and Persian rugs

Oriental antique rugs originate from different parts of Asia such as Turkey, India, and China. Persian rugs are also a type of oriental rugs and they originate from Iran. The unique characteristics and design elements that make both Persian and oriental antique rugs stand out include:

  • The edges are both fringed and bound.
  • Most of the rugs feature motifs such as central medallions, rosettes, and paisley designs.
  • The common colors of the rugs are black, ivory, blue, and shades of red.
  • The rug pieces are symmetrical in nature

European continental rugs

The Europeans have also been making unique rugs for centuries. Some of the characteristics of European continental rugs include:

  • They contain garlands and flower motifs
  • Common colors consist of muted green, soft rose, and golden tones.
  • The rug pieces feature asymmetrical designs.
  • They may be flat-woven or have a pile

American rugs

American antique rugs have different construction methods and styles from past eras. Some of the distinctive characteristics of antique American rugs include:

  • Some of the rugs contain geometrical images that were popular during the 1920s and 1930s.
  • The colors of the rugs usually consist of brown, black, red, blue, and ivory shades.
  • The rugs may have fluid lines and nature motifs designs that were quite popular between 1890 and 1910.

Scandinavian rugs

Scandinavian countries also have a rug weaving culture that goes back for centuries. Some of the classic design features of Scandinavian rugs include:

  • The rugs contain strong geometrical drawings
  • Instead of figurative representations, the rugs have abstract simplicity in the designs
  • Most of the rugs are asymmetrical
  • Some of the rugs are flat woven while others have a high pile.
  • Scandinavian rugs are very colorful

What might discern the difference between vintage and antique?

Perhaps you have come across several vintage rugs in the past and you wonder whether they were antique rugs. Is there a difference at all? Yes. The main difference between vintage and antique rugs is the time period they were made. As we mentioned earlier, antique rugs were made before the 1940s. on the other hand, vintage rugs, which are also known as midcentury modern rugs were made between the 1950s and late 1970s.

Why Lawrence of La Brea?

Are you looking for a sophisticated, refined, and unique collection of antique rugs? Lawrence of La Brea is the place that has everything you need. We sell fine antique rugs with exotic styles that will allow you to display your personality and expression in your space.

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