March 31, 2023

Where Rug Trends are Heading in 2023

Wondering where rug treads are heading in 2023? Regardless of your current style or preferred aesthetic, this guide will walk you through what to expect when it comes to updating or adding a rug in any space to create a trendy and timeless look that will carry you through many years to come.

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Rug Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Area rugs greatly impact your home decor, but with so many brands to choose from, it can take time to know which style and design you should pick. With more unique and elegant styles coming out each year, the trend predictions for area rugs in 2023 are a hot topic.

We've put together this helpful post to give you an idea of where trending rug styles are headed and what to expect in the coming years. Rugs are naturally designed to be the focal point of your room, so you want to be sure you're choosing the right style and color.

1. Retro and Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage, retro, and antique rugs are often sold as collectibles and often come with great detail and artistic flourishes.  Bringing out a classy look to your home, these rugs are gorgeous and wonderful additions to any space.  Look for mixed patterns, natural and blended colors, or floral motifs. A mixture of different geometric shapes and colors makes them ideal for contemporary and classic interiors.

2. More Layers

Rugs in today's market come in a vast array of materials, with premium and luxury varieties with many layers and fibers. Depending on your need, this can give you many looks, textures, and feel. Combining two or more styles and designs can create a layered effect for your home decor, making the room more lively. Another trend of using two or more rugs to layer up the space is the pad design in between. This is often done when an area has high traffic, so the rug does not need to be replaced but is knotted together with the pad in between.

3. Geometric & Abstract Designs

Geometric and abstract designs are popular styles right now and will continue to expand as long as interest in modern design and aesthetics remains high. This is an ideal choice of rug style for those looking for something different and unusual. A handwoven Moroccan carpet is an example, but it can also be found in more traditional techniques, such as an extra-wide area rug. The main design element of these rugs is their simplicity.  They are designed to look like impeccable and understated pieces that any home should possess. Modern design has a minimalist appeal, so these rugs stand out perfectly when placed in the right room.

4. Natural Fibers Rugs Trends

Eco-friendly and organic design is becoming popular; the home decor is becoming natural and sustainable. Natural fibers are an important aspect of this trend. From sisal to jute and bamboo, the materials used to make natural fiber rugs are popular due to their durability and the simple nature of their design. This makes them perfect for any room looking for a naturally chic carpet style. You can find them in various braided or flat-woven options. Many organic rugs create a modern look with a geometric or contemporary pattern and a bold yet simple color palette.

5. Shag Rugs

Modern shag combines different fibers and textures to create new looks. As more people decide to live with pets, their pet area must be comfortable and suitable for them. This can lead them to look for a shag rug to help reduce mess while also creating a stylish environment in which they want to relax. Creating a tactile and exotic feel, the most popular shag rug is made from wool.  It produces luxury appeal, designed to be soft and luxurious with a rich texture.  Need a shag rug that can fit into the wildest of spaces? You can look for rugs made from sisal, perfect for wood floors and other hard surfaces.

6. Oriental Rugs

Suitable for various rooms, oriental rugs have been a staple in home decor for decades.  They are popular due to the incredible detail that they often have, with intricate designs and bold colors that create a powerful statement. Oriental rugs make an ideal choice for the dining room or living room due to their size, kitchen, and bedrooms. The variations in the material used to make these rugs also make them more versatile.

7. Bauhaus Rugs

Many Scandinavian homes have recently popularized Bauhaus rugs, so this rug style has a modern appeal.  With simple and geometric patterns, Bauhaus rugs are ideal for people who want a stylish and versatile design that can complement many interior styles. You'll often find them in natural colors like light brown, gray, or white to blend into almost any space. Office spaces are also perfect for this rug style, as they're designed to be more durable and work well under heavy office furniture.

8. Colorblock Design Rugs

Colorblock rugs are a bold and contemporary choice that makes an exciting statement in any room.  Combining different colors while referencing one color as inspiration is a design method that can create a powerful look. The colors usually stand out in various ways, making the rug perfect for giving your home decor some flair. As the colors are designed to be bold, it's best used in spaces with neutral tones, so it doesn't overpower anything else in the room.

9. Irregular Shapes and Curved Rugs

Those looking for a new and unique rug style should look for irregular ones.  These designs can make a bold statement with a combination of different geometric shapes and colors that stand out due to their uniqueness.  Of all the rug styles on this list, these rugs have the most artistic flair. They're also designed to be highly versatile and used in many different spaces. Curved and irregular rugs are ideal for spaces with much visual interest due to the design itself.  They're also a good choice for those with a sense of style, as they know how to create a statement look.

10. Earthy Hues

Earthy tones with warm natural undertones look beautiful in almost any room. Rugs that include natural elements are a great way to add a touch of color and texture. Allowing your rug to bring out the natural beauty of the woodwork, you can achieve a timeless, elegant, and comfortable look. This type of style is available in rugs with bold and subtle designs. You can find abstract patterns and designs or choose from animal or nature prints for a more traditional appeal.

11. Performance Rugs

The new trend, ideally for specific parts like dining rooms or living rooms, is that performance rugs are more than just an underlayment. They are designed with specific features to enhance the functionality of these areas.  Many will have additional features such as anti-slip, moisture absorption, or fire resistance, making them perfect for all areas of your home. Performance rugs are easy to clean to cope with footprints and dirt to maintain a fresh and clean look for your home.

12. Neutral, Textured Pieces

With neutral and subtle tones, rugs with beautifully textured pieces are a more subtle way to add style to your home. If you prefer something other than a mixture of colors, textures can help you get a great look. These pieces are available in various colors, from rich earthy tones to subtle pastels. From geometric designs to delicate and elegant patterns, these rugs can create a unique look in any room.

13. Bold and Vibrant Hues

This fun style is perfect for modern spaces, with bold and bright hues that appeal to the eye.  A wide range of patterns and designs will be available, making this type of rug a great choice for even the most creative interiors.  While vibrant colors can benefit any room, you should be careful to choose a design that doesn't clash with the rest of your furniture.

From homes of the past to contemporary interiors, rugs have a reputation for adding both beauty and luxury to any home. The new trends in rugs for 2023  include a great range of styles, ready for performance and commercial applications; the hope is that these styles are also established enough to be available as affordable home décor pieces. With so many options, it's considered a given that every household has different tastes and preferences when it comes to design elements.

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