Jute Soumak 10016750

Hand Made
Flat Weave
13'06" x 19'06"
$ 11,500 USD
Jute Soumak 10016750
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Flat Weave

Flatweave rugs stand out as one of the most popular types of rugs in the rug industry. They are incredibly comfortable and elegant. Many beginners may not know what exactly a flat weave rug is. But the name tells you what it is: a flat woven rug. That's it. It is super thin and lacks piles, making it flat. They are also known as kelims.

Furthermore, these unique rugs are woven but not knotted. This is what makes it stand out from the knotted ones. They have been in existence for years, making them appear on the list of the oldest rug types.

There's so much we can talk about these exceptionally comfy rugs. And this article will discuss the flatweave rugs from Lawrence of La Brea in Los Angeles. So, keep on reading to learn more and grab your favorite flat weave rug for your home from one of the most reputable dealers.

Hand Made

Meticulously crafted.  Unique.  One-of-a-kind designs.  These are just a few words that come to mind describing all of Lawrence of La Brea’s Handmade area rugs. 

Handmade area rugs are created from many different areas around the world.  Rugs from Persia and India, and of course, Oriental rugs are a few of the most recognizable and most often instantly come to mind when you think of a handmade rug. 

All Lawrence of La Brea handmade rugs reflect unparalleled craftsmanship: intricate details and motifs; personal stories of the weaver, the tribe, the region where the rug originated, make each handmade rug special.  These rugs aren’t perfect by design…they are designed to tell a story.

Handmade rugs are available in a multitude of fabrics from cotton and chenille, from wool to silk.  Every handmade rug is knotted by hand; therefore, the knots and weaving are not perfectly uniform.  The quality, time, attention to detail, the vision behind each of the handmade rugs make each one an extraordinary treasure that can be enjoyed for many generations to come!


The muted, brown hue of jute rugs places it on a pedestal when it comes to being an accent piece in a simple room. Despite looking quite simple, the durability and maintenance of jute rugs make it difficult to defeat when price becomes a point of consideration.

In addition to its natural origins, the organic weaves you can find on this rug is proven to hold less allergens than other rugs—therefore, a healthier option. And just like fine wine, this rug ages gracefully, becoming softer over the years.

Passion for design.

We believe a patterned rug is not just a decoration. It’s a way of life – and a powerful expression of an individual’s personality.

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