Handloom Cotton 10025306
Hand Loomed
9'00" x 12'00"
$ 5,400 USD
Handloom Cotton 10025306
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The modern style is the design and décor with an emphasis on simplicity and function and focuses on the design elements from 1900 to 1950; mid-century modern (typically 1950s and 60s) is very similar to the modern look with splashes of bright color added.

Modern-styled areas favor a simple, uncluttered space with smooth, clean lines and artistic flair. You have a comfortable and calming feeling in a room that is very inviting.

The décor pieces are functional, lack of fussiness, with a color palette of warm, natural tones.  Natural materials, exposed wood beams, and natural fibers, along with reflective surfaces such as glass, steel, or chrome, often define the modern style.

The Lawrence of La Brea Modern Collection offers you modern area rugs you can embrace with strong geometric patterns, light-colored hues, and vibrant bursts of color for an eye-popping visual impact.

Hand Loomed

Hand loomed area rugs are made on a loom with anywhere from one or more people depending on the size of the rug.  As opposed to a hand knotted rug with could take anywhere from six to twelve months to finish, a hand loomed rug will only take one to three days to finish, making them a great option at a more attractive price point.

There are several ways to spot the differences between a hand loomed area rug versus the other types of rugs they try to emulate.  With today’s new manufacturing techniques, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to discern the differences between the method the area rug was made.  Our staff here at Lawrence of La Brea would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have and how to become an expert at spotting the differences!


There are several natural fibers that are used to create area rugs throughout the world.  Here at Lawrence of La Brea, David has scoured the world to bring you sustainable, high quality, organically textured rugs to perfect your vision.  

Each type of natural fiber used to create an area rugs have certain characteristics that are inherent to that fiber; some are naturally hypo-allergenic, many can be dyed, and one even has a wax coating that makes it easy to clean and can go in just about any location or room.

Cotton is hypoallergenic, durable, and less expensive than wool. It is fairly common to find cotton blended with wool. Cotton fibers hold dye well which makes them perfect for vibrant colors and patterns.

Passion for design.

We believe a patterned rug is not just a decoration. It’s a way of life – and a powerful expression of an individual’s personality.

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