March 27, 2022

The 5 Best Rug Designs For Your Kitchen

Designing a home for your family is an exciting process, but it can be overwhelming. You want to make the space feel and look stylish, but you also want to keep it functional.

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One way to do that is with a rug. Beyond being an excellent design element, rugs are functional too. They can cover up sometimes tricky flooring, protect against spilled drinks, and of course, the best of all, they are easy on your toes! Incorporating a rug in your kitchen design is not just about aesthetics. It's about adding value to your home. Lawrence of La Brea is the leading rug manufacturer, so why not choose their designs? They have a ton of styles and patterns to choose from. To get you inspired, here are five rug designs to inspire your kitchen.

Why is a Rug Important in the kitchen

Having area rugs in the kitchen is a great way to add style and harmony to your space. Here's why: * Adds cushion. Area rugs give you a softer surface to walk on in the kitchen, especially if you have hardwood or tile flooring. This gives your feet extra padding and insulates against cold floors during the winter* Easy-clean up. You'll never have to worry about having to scrub off a spill or red wine stain off of your rug! For this reason, many people use their area rugs as mats for their baking sheets and casserole dishes* Fits any style. Area rugs are available in so many different styles, shapes, and sizes that there's something for everyone.

The Nature Inspired design

If you're the type of person (or family) who loves nature, then you'll love this rug design. It's simple yet elegant, so it keeps the kitchen feeling an eclectic but clean look at the same time.A rug with this pattern will be a great addition to the kitchen as it helps define the area and give it structure and add color or pattern to your space. These rugs are perfect for bigger spaces because they have a significant presence, which means that they can cover up your kitchen's bigger flaws like uneven floors or mismatched cabinets.

The Farmhouse Design

This is a type of pattern that connects with the rustic roots of the farmhouse. The rugs from this collection have a slight tan and beige tone, giving it a natural look. This rug is excellent for kitchens with wood or tile flooring because it helps to keep the floors looking clean and polished, no matter what spills you've had to clean up! A rug like this is also a good choice if you have small children because they're more likely to play on your floor and not put their shoes inside of it! The Farmhouse look complements a kitchen design with wooden floors, but it will still fit in if you have tile floors because those floors are neutral colors.

The Chevron Design

Chevron designs are gaining popularity in today's designs because they are versatile. They're bold but not too in your face so that they won't distract you from your meal. This rug has a brown background with a tan and white chevron pattern. The colors are darker than the classic bright kitchen colors, so this is an excellent choice to make your kitchen more modern-looking. Lawrence of La Brea intended to bring uniqueness to each of their designs by adding different colors and patterns. This rug would look good in a kitchen with gray cabinets, red appliances, and light gray countertops. Chevron rugs are available in many different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your kitchen the best. This rug adds unique style to the space it's used in without being too overwhelming or too noticeable. If you have an older kitchen that could use some updating, this might be just the correct pattern for your space.

Handcrafted Shaggy Rug Design

If your kitchen looks a little drab, consider a shaggy rug from Lawrence of La Brea. This design will bring some pop and texture into the room, making it feel new and inviting again. The fuzzy texture is also easy on your feet, keeping you comfortable as you cook in the kitchen. To style your shaggy rug, you can add a few decor items to complete the look, like some plants. Shaggy rugs will stand out from the rest of your kitchen's decor, but that's a good thing. This rug features a rustic color palette with a tan and brown background the shaggy texture of the rug accents the serene look and feel. If you're looking for a more modern-looking shaggy rug, many are available in brighter colors like red, orange, blue, and green.

The Stripes Design

Elegance can be simple and timeless. Take this rug, for example. Its black and white stripes are simplistic and look great hanging in any kitchen. The stripes match any kitchen style because you can pick a color that matches your cabinets or countertops. The black and white colors will keep the eyes looking at the floor instead of other things like other colors drag does. The pattern and style of this rug are great for the modern homeowner because it's a perfect way to add balance to your space without taking away from any other design elements in your room. Lawrence of La Brea has a lot of styles to choose from, and they can design a rug to fit just about any kitchen space.There is nothing worse than having a kitchen with no design. That is precisely what will happen if you have a room with no sense of style. The "stripes" rug here brings texture to the space and also helps to add style. When you're styling a kitchen, it's crucial to have a balance of both. The room should look welcoming and inspiring all at the same time. Lawrence of La Brea offers a great striped rug to help keep your space looking fresh and fun.

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