January 21, 2022

Choosing a Rug For a Home Vs. a Business

Soft furnishings play an integral part in the essential task of layering, and they should be selected with the same attention you'd put into picking any other interior design piece.

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Rugs, in particular, have long symbolized luxury, offering guests comfort and warmth in addition to expressing pattern, color, and texture. Lawrence of La Brea always strives to deliver rare and extraordinary antique rugs. To meet that standard, we offer an extensive selection of vintage wool rugs that add value to any home or office.

Considerations for the Home vs. a Business

As a general rule of thumb, it's wise to keep your personal and professional matters separate; the same can be said for choosing your luxury rugs.

Luxury Rugs for the Home

Remember that you'll see this rug every day after a long day of work. So look for something that will make you happy and soothe your mind as you relax at home. To begin, what size are you looking for? Is it a large area rug for the living room or a runner in a hallway? Knowing your desired measurements will expedite your search and help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

Next, consider how much foot traffic the rug will get. Rooms that people walk around in more than others need carpets to handle wear and tear. Wool vintage rugs are exceptionally durable compared to other kinds, like cowhide and silk.

Finally, consider how much sun the area gets. Antique rugs are sensitive to light, so they may not be the best in this area unless you can moderate sun exposure. Additionally, you can opt for a lighter rug, such as our Antique Mashad, as darker colors can fade under sunlight.

Luxury Rugs for the Office

When choosing an office rug, durability must be your number one priority. People with various gaits will walk on this rug more often than a home carpet would withstand; at home, it's usually just the family and the occasional guest.

Unlike at home, darker rugs are better for offices as they can mask dirt and stains more readily. Our Antique Tabriz creates a royal ambiance in any business setting, and pattern prints like our Vintage Mahal work perfectly in reception areas. Offices with light-colored walls benefit from pink, red, and maroon carpets, like our Antique Heriz.

How to Choose a Luxury Rug

When refreshing your home or office décor with little effort, a striking antique rug is an oft-underused interior design element. However, there are several features to consider when selecting a carpet.


It isn't easy to accurately visualize the accurate scale of rugs even in-store, so it's vital to get the size of your desired rug where you intend to display it. Then, when setting up the space, remember that surrounding a carpet with exposed flooring, such as a walkway area, can help you get the most out of its design.

There are a few size guidelines to consider depending on where you plan to display your antique rug. Of course, interior design should never be restricted to hard and fast rules; these guidelines are Lawrence La Brea's starting points for inspiration.

Kitchen and Dining Room Rugs

For rugs beneath dining tables or in the kitchen, measure the table's perimeter and add about 60 inches to the length and width. This margin ensures that the carpet you choose is proportionate to the table and contains enough space to pull out chairs.

Bedroom Rugs

In the primary bedroom, add 24 inches to the sides that don't touch a wall to ensure your luxury rug sits past the bed frame. There's nothing quite like putting your feet on warm carpet first thing in the morning; this positioning ensures you can live that dream every day.

Living Room and Reception Rugs

As a general rule of thumb, for mats in the middle of a furniture display, subtract 24 inches from the length and width for an ideal vintage rug size. Of course, whether the furniture sits halfway off or entirely on the carpet is a matter of personal preference if you prefer a large rug. Still, we suggest showing off the complete design if your rug displays a beautiful motif.

Hallway Runners

In both the home and office, subtract around 12 inches from the width and 24 inches from the length for a run that fits perfectly in the hallway.

Rug Materials

Rugs in high-traffic areas should be durable and easy to clean. You have more freedom to experiment with delicate and adventurous fabrics and designs in less-populated areas.

Antique Wool Rugs

Lawrence La Brea sells an extensive collection of antique and vintage wool rugs because they boast outstanding natural resilience and beauty. They carry a natural springiness and are highly insulating, meaning these rugs will look fresh for several years.

The wool texture also allows our rugs to quickly recover from indents and crushing caused by footsteps and furniture. Additionally, the material is better at resisting stains compared to synthetic fibers.

Silk Rugs

These delicate rugs are best in low-traffic residential areas. However, they quickly pick up dirt and snag, which can be costly to repair.


Cowhide rugs contain natural materials and are beautiful, but they're also vulnerable to fading under sun exposure. Their shape is also awkward and tricky to fit into smaller spaces.

Lawrence La Brea Sets the Stage for Individual Style

We offers an extensive collection of fine rugs and exotic textiles from around the world. In addition to beautiful antique and vintage rugs, we offer expert installation, appraisal, cleaning, and restoration services.

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