February 2, 2021

How to Perfectly Match a Vintage Rug With Your Interior Space

Timeless as they are, vintage rugs always bring a suave touch to any room it graces. Not only because of the apparent monetary value, but also the history that is seen with the knots and patterns weaved onto the rug. 

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Timeless as they are, a vintage rug always brings an elegant touch to any room it graces. Not only because of the apparent monetary value, but also the history that is seen with the knots and patterns weaved into the rug. 

The right addition of these sophisticated rugs have the capability to immensely change the way spaces look and feel—no matter the color, fabric, size, or style. And with such power over style, it can be quite a challenge decorating with vintage rugs

Seasoned with experience and a classic taste, let us explain how to perfectly match your valuable antique rug to your interior space. 

Choose a Desired Ambiance 

Interior spaces have ambiances of their own, largely influenced by the pieces inside them. Before you start putting pieces together, choose an ambiance you wish the space to exude. For one, it’s mostly the color of the rug that decides its character.

If you want the rug to set the ambiance, let the rug add a touch of color to the room—like a stunning red amongst beige furniture. Not only do you put emphasis on the rug itself, but it also creates an ambiance where different 

A relaxing, monochromatic ambiance requires pieces to be in the same shade or hue. Opt to match the colors of your chosen piece to the color of the wall or the chairs inside the room. Uniformity in colors put off a vibe that doesn’t overwhelm. 

The riskier designers mix and match colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, giving complementary yet striking differences within a room. Tread carefully though because not everybody can pull off flattering visuals. 

Consider Patterns

With rugs come patterns that aren’t always the easiest to decorate with; but the right eye will always know how to leverage these patterns in different interior spaces. 

Spaces that receive heavier foot traffic ought to be decorated with patterned rugs that subtly hide wear and tear. Patterns easily camouflage damage caused by all types of shoes, tears, and spills. 

However, steer away from mixing different patterns in one interior space, considering that rugs have a unique pattern of their own. Settle with the texture these rugs have and adjust your pieces of furniture accordingly. 

Find the Right Fit 

As with choosing the right shoe size for comfort, vintage rugs also need to be the perfect fit to any interior space. This requires getting the dimensions of the interior space or significant items within the area prior to choosing your pièce de résistance.

Sitting Areas

Ideally, the right rug would be 1 feet 6 inches to 2 feet smaller on each side—striking a balance between the size of the room and the rug. However, in sitting areas, a rug should easily accommodate the front legs of any chair with enough space in between furniture. 

This can be quite challenging but prioritize the space between pieces of furniture. Considering only the ratio of rug to room might compact all furniture pieces together, leading to a suffocating feel. 

Dining Area

In contrast, should you plan to decorate with a rug underneath a dining table, make sure all chairs have enough room to move without ever meeting the edges of the rug. 

A quick estimate would be to add 2 feet to the each side of the dining table with the chairs, totaling up to 4 feet. Similar to the previous section, the priority should be the ratio of the rug to the pieces that would be placed above it. 


An illusion of a larger hallway in between rooms can be achieved with a rug that is a bit narrower than the width of the hallway itself. Measure the hallway and subtract 4 inches from its width and add at least 18 to 24 inches to its overall length. 

A vintage rug can always be a welcoming remark for front-door hallways. Keep in mind to choose the ambiance you want at your entrance and choose a pattern that would expertly hide the potential wear and tear it will receive. 


Your rug should have enough room away from the surrounding walls, at least 1 to 2 feet. The larger the rug, the larger your room can appear and any rug that matches the color scheme or pattern within a room can immediately increase its value. 

David Nourafshan

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