February 14, 2021
Mixing Transitional Rugs to Really Fill Out a Room

If you want both the traditional style and modern hues with the rigid formality, simply find yourself a transitional rug. Taking the best of both worlds, you get an even more flexible piece to decorate the house with. 

Mixing Transitional Rugs to Really Fill Out a Room

Rugs are commonly used as an elegant, often effortless, decor to all types of rooms. While there are timeless masterpieces such as the vintage Persian rugs, newer styles have emerged to adapt to the trends worldwide.

In recent years, latest additions to the roster have proven the versatility of these pieces when it comes to style. The market is now saturated with rugs of all shapes, sizes, and origins that it’s easy to find a rug that can blend the classic style with a modern touch.

If you want both the traditional style and modern hues with the rigid formality, simply find yourself a transitional rug. Taking the best of both worlds, you get an even more flexible piece to decorate the house with. 

What Are Transitional Rugs?

The interior design scene has always shuffled between modern and traditional styles, given how fast customers change their mind. The constant shifting eventually gave birth to the fusion of both styles in one and it’s now what we know as the transitional style. 

Patterns are taken from vintage and traditional rugs and blended with the subdued hues and colors of modern palettes to create transitional rugs—or the other way around. A balance is often achieved when one characteristic from each original style perfectly blends with the other. 

A Comparison

What differentiates transitional rugs from vintage pieces is how patterns are woven into the rug. Transitional rugs veer away from uniformity and rearrange patterns in a casual way, more liberated way. 

Rather than solely focusing on the patterns, colors play an important part of how these transitional rugs maintain a modern touch. Instead of the striking red, blue, and yellow colors, muted colors are preferred. 

Tips for Styling Transitional Rugs

No longer confined with the traditional methods of interior design, transitional rugs have the power to fill out any room. 

Don’t get intimidated by the fusion of styles as transitional rugs are more flexible than their original counterparts. As a matter of fact, there are unique ways to use transitional rugs in any room. 

Unique as these tips may be, the characteristics of transitional rugs give them a leeway of where and how they’re supposed to be styled and used. 

Hang It Like a Painting

Treat the transitional rug like a painting and hang it on your accent wall. Depending on the color and pattern of the rug, hanging it can drastically change the ambiance within a room. Bolder patterns with more modern colors should be your picks for stairways and receiving rooms.

Relaxing colors like pastel hues may be suitable for bedrooms and living rooms while the more textured, vibrant ones should adorn kitchens and hallways.

Blend It Well 

Place the highlight on a different furniture piece and select a rug that blends smoothly with the color of the floor. Toned down patterns and an overly muted color conceals the rug and only reveals its existence once it's stepped upon. 

This works best in monochromatic rooms or rooms with several key pieces. Another befitting blend would be to place a more subdued transitional rug in the same space as a daring vintage rug. 

Liven Up the Kitchen

Kitchen runners have become increasingly popular over the years, aiding in the restyling of this conventional area. But rather than using kitchen runners, liven up your culinary work space with a narrow and vibrant rug. 

Select a transitional rug that’s a bit narrower than the space between your sink and center island to create the illusion of a wider area. Keep in mind to add rug pads to prevent unnecessary motion even during hectic hours.

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