February 10, 2021
Finding the Best Contemporary Rugs on the Market

Although finding the ideal rug boils down to personal preference, here’s everything you need to know about contemporary rugs and how you can take home the best one.

Finding the Best Contemporary Rugs on the Market

Traditional rugs have reigned the market for so long, they’re naturally classics that will never go out of style. But with time, tastes change and more styles are emerging in the market. The latest style propelled to the forefront: contemporary rugs. 

Contemporary rugs present a stark contrast against traditional rugs. It doesn’t take a connoisseur’s eyes to see the difference between the two. 

Although finding the ideal rug boils down to personal preference, here’s everything you need to know about contemporary rugs and how you can take home the best one. 

All About Contemporary Rugs 

Contemporary rugs have only gained traction in the recent years, when contemporary homes demanded pieces that were fitting and less traditional. 

From colors to design, contemporary rugs feature striking colors matched with abstract design elements that set them apart from traditional rugs. Modern art and architecture largely influenced the design of contemporary rugs in order to be fitting for homes and interiors. 

Although there are different takes on contemporary styles, rugs that fall under this style feature intrepid combinations of colors and geometric patterns that can range from minimalism to maximalism, even retro. 

Signs of a High Quality Contemporary Rug

Even in the rug industry, there are non-negotiables that apply to all forms of rugs—regardless of style. For contemporary rugs, however, these signs aren’t as apparent unlike their traditional counterparts. 

With the exception of color and patterns, here are the signs of a high-quality contemporary rug. 


As with any rug of high quality, the material employed plays a huge part in its overall quality. Fool-proof, natural materials such as wool and silk are generally of good quality that promise durability and sustainability.

However, rugs of synthetic origins such as nylon follow closely. With proper maintenance and care, synthetic rugs may last longer. 

Knots Per Square Inch

In relation to material, those of natural origins tend to have more knots per square inch—especially if they were hand-woven. The denser the rug is in terms of knots, the more durable and valuable it is. 

Imperfections such as differences in knot size also add to the value of these rugs. Typically, you’re looking for rugs that have about 290 knots per square inch. On the other hand, rugs that are machine-made tend to have fewer knots and might not be as firm to touch.


While counterfeits can easily be placed in an elevated price point, contemporary rugs naturally have a wide price range. Designer contemporary rugs are presumably on the expensive end while mass produced ones are more budget-friendly.

Its material, color, and design influence its value but there’s no denying that an affordable rug can already pass as a quality one. 


Bold colors and modern, abstract patterns separate the contemporary rug from its traditional, more intricate counterparts. From minimalist to retro, these rugs can feature just about any geometric pattern that expresses modern art and interior. 

High-quality rugs, generally, are all measured against a standard criteria but only varies when it comes to color and patterns. 

David Nourafshan

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