May 25, 2022

5 Tips For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

If you're renovating your house, nothing adds greater beauty and value than Oriental rugs. Choosing the ideal rug for each space is no easy feat, as there are numerous aspects to consider, especially if you intend to incorporate vintage rugs into your décor.

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Renovating your home is an excellent method to make it feel brand new. There are numerous ways to infuse your living area with a "refreshing change" without undertaking an enormous and time-consuming renovation effort. Updating your rugs is one of the most critical and simplest ways to refresh your house. Although a new rug may appear to be a simple addition to your area, it sets the tone for the new look throughout your home. And to accomplish this, here are some Oriental Rug Decorating Tips.

How to Arrange Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs can be used in practically every room or location in your house. Along with the room-sized carpets in your sitting or dining rooms, there are additional excellent locations. Long runners are ideal for hallways, kitchens, and corridors leading to bathrooms, as they create a visual trail and sense of order in the spaces:

● If you have a modern or more contemporary home design, you may warm up the areas with a richly patterned Oriental rug and give each room its personality. Position the front legs of certain chairs on the rug in the living area, family rooms, and other places with chairs or sofas. Anchoring the furnishings and carpeting provides a sense of harmony.

● If you choose to place an Oriental Rug beneath your dining table, ensure that it is large enough to accommodate chair movement without dragging on the rug's edges. In bedrooms, oriental rugs can be used as a single enormous rug beneath the entire bed or as several smaller rugs spread throughout the room.

● If you're starting with a minimal budget, you can go for a smaller colorful rug to serve as an addition to the room's other colors or furniture. How about displaying your lovely Oriental Rugs on your walls? They are, after all, pieces of art and hence can be shown alongside other paintings or photographs.

Oriental Rugs Colors and Patterns

Choose patterns and colors that reflect your personal preferences. Oriental rugs are available in a wide range of patterns, giving you plenty of alternatives. Whether you choose modern or classic decor, bright or muted colors, busy or simple designs, or busy or simple designs, you will undoubtedly discover the perfect ones for you. Select complementary patterns and colors among those that will be positioned in the same space if you decide on many smaller rugs rather than a large one.

So, which colors are appropriate?

Of course, the ones you enjoy! Most respectable rug stores will let you take rugs home for a trial run and see how they appear and fit in your room. If you're trying to match existing furniture, you might also want to bring samples of fabric from furnishings or draperies. Take note of the following:

● Dark colors in a rug tend to make a place appear smaller, whereas light colors tend to make a space appear larger.

What you choose in terms of patterns and designs may be determined by the location of the rug. For dining and living rooms, more formal and sophisticated designs with low contrasting color schemes may be preferable. Rugs with bolder patterns and brighter colors might be used in less formal settings that see greater use and traffic. The colors and designs of bedroom rugs must be chosen to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. Also, keep in mind that Lawrence of La Brea has the world's most exotic/refined collection, which you can find here

Multiple Rugs in a Living Area

When spacious living rooms are left unattended, they frequently appear impersonal and cold. While an oriental rug may appear to be an excellent choice, depending on the rest of the decoration, one enormous rug can completely overwhelm the room. If your living room is very large, the greatest approach to make it appear nicer and more personal is to incorporate many living room rugs. However, just scattering many carpets about the area will not accomplish your goal. Rather than that, take a glance around the space and consider how it is used. Consider how an oriental rug might be used to enrich these rooms without overwhelming them. Consider the color and shape of the rug with the space. Calculate the size of the rug that would fit precisely within those places without being excessively enormous or excessively little.

Runners and small oriental rugs

The smaller the Oriental rug is, the more places it can be used in your home, like on the floor. If you have a lot of small pieces, you can put them in an entranceway, on the side of the bed, at the end of the bed, or even in front of a dresser. They can also be used as a wall hanging, draped across a small table, or even as a tablecloth. And the greatest site to acquire these antique rug collections is Lawrence of La Brea, which has the world's most exotic/refined collection.

Consider What You Want the Room to Focus On

If you just want the area rug to be the room's focal point and then arrange the rest of the space around it, there are no hard and fast rules about the size or color of rug you must choose. If, on the other hand, you want a rug to suit the current design, a smaller rug that blends in is likely to be more acceptable. This is critical while purchasing an oriental rug for your living area. If the space is still barren, this is the ideal time to purchase an exquisite oriental rug in any size you like and make it the focal point of the room. Then coordinate your furniture, draperies, and other decorations with the rug's colors and patterns. If your room is already equipped, take into account the existing colors and patterns in the room while selecting a rug, unless you intend to entirely redo the room.

Choosing the appropriate Oriental rug for your main house does not have to be a struggle. While there are numerous factors to consider before purchasing, the critical factor is your dimensions. Once you've determined the dimensions of your room, everything else falls into place, from patterns to placement. With this guidance in place, you can create a serene, elegant setting that friends and family will love for ages. For additional antique rug collections, visit our Los Angeles showroom or online at We at Lawrence of La Brea pride ourselves on having the most exotic /refined collection.

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