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California-based Lawrence of La Brea has cultivated a sophisticated, refined & thoroughly unique collection of rugs, passionately winning over the most discerning clientele. Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your living room, create a cozy ambiance for a bedroom, or make a bold statement in an office, our collection has something to offer. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation with our unique and meticulously curated rug selection.

Our team of design experts is dedicated to guiding you through a personalized selection process, ensuring you find a rug that perfectly matches your style and space. Beyond the initial purchase, we are committed to the longevity of your rug with our professional cleaning and expert repair services.

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Custom Rug Design Services

Lawrence of la brea sets the stage for individual style. fine rugs and exotic textiles are the heart of our talent, apparent in our vast selection from around the world. We collaborate with, and are inspired by, the international interior and fashion design community. We are members of the American Society of Interior designers. In addition to design partnership, we provide expert care in restoration, cleaning and appraisal services.

Care & Restoration Services

Our carpet care service is faster than our inventory. With expert hands we perform miracles every day: spot cleaning, hand washing, air-drying, deodorizing, fabric sealing, repair and reweaving of even the most delicate works of textile art.We custom dye and color match with expertise gained over many years of loving care and our appraisal services are here to help you protect your loving investment.

High End Rug Rental Services

Our ability to bring life and expression to your special event is another arrow in our quill. by filling short-term needs, our rental service has earned us long-term relationships. As members of the set decorators society of America, our carpets have brought style and substance to numerous films and television productions.

Staircase runners

Our designers wanted to create something that was revolutionary yet familiar. They not only created a new trend, but also a new archetype for indoor flooring – one that blurs the boundary between the utilitarian and traditional design.

Redefining interior design

The comfort of the carpet you choose where you most use it.

Intuitive Control

We are not limiting this service to machine-made carpets. You can use virtually any rug that speaks to you.

Versatile Application

Available for any staircase size. We customize models to complement any residential, office or hospitality environment.

Nimble instillation

Our staff of trained professionals work in the most delicate environments and are trained to leave your home free of any distress.


This is a bespoke service, each clients home and rug choices drastically affect our pricing. Because of this we have developed an appraisal process that can be done online or over the phone. Leave us a detailed message below or visit our contact page and come see us in person!

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We deliver the rarest and most extraordinary rugs to our customers to create inspiring, beautifully designed rooms. Review our wide selection of stylish contemporary rugs.

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Frequently asked questions about Rugs

Are rugs important when setting the mood in a space?

Your home needs ideal area rugs that are not only functional but also decorative as well. That is more so if you own a luxury home. A luxurious area rug will help prevent furniture from sliding, especially if your home has wooden or tiled floors.

Rugs also help in reducing wear and tear on your floors. Furniture is likely to scratch and irreversibly damage bare floors as compared to those protected by rugs.

On top of all these, luxury rugs ensure your feet are resting on a warm, cushioned floor that is soothing and comfortable, especially after a long day. Plus, good area rugs act as good noise insulators.

Combine all these advantages, and you get a beautiful home with lovely designs and a comforting atmosphere.Area rugs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. You should pay close attention to important factors that determine the perfect rugs for your home.

What do designers look for when buying a rug?

You will get the most out of an area rug only if you make a worthy purchase. And, you can only make a worthwhile purchase when you have thoroughly considered the purpose and style of the space that needs an area rug.Here are a few factors that ought to guide you when buying an area rug:

1. Size
Various factors determine whether an area rug is the right size or not:
•    The dimensions of your space
•    Furniture type in the room
•    Room’s function

Here are a few hacks that may be helpful when you are picking the right sized area rug:

Living room

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing luxury rugs for your living room is furniture arrangement. For example, make sure you get an area rug that perfectly fits under your living area's coffee table.You can also set your sitting room's seating in such a way that four legs are entirely off the rug, all legs are on the living room's rug, or only two legs are resting on it. Ideal home décor requires making a uniform choice for all the furniture in your living room.
Most main room rugs commonly measure either 9x12, 8x10, or 5x8ft. Make sure you have measured your space several times to avoid purchasing rugs that are too small.

Dining room

When it comes to your dining room, always pick a rug that is larger in size than your table. One thing that you don’t want is your dining chairs rocking on a badly set surface.
Therefore, when picking a rug for your dining area, ensure you take into account the distance that people push back their chairs when they stand or sit.
Add 36 inches to your table’s width and length and use the resulting measurement to pick a right-sized rug.


Your bedroom needs plush luxury rugs that your feet can land on every morning when you wake up. A bedroom rug should extend at least 18-24 inches beyond each of your bed’s sides if you want good coverage.
Don’t forget to take into account any furniture at the foot of your bed. If a piece of furniture is present, make sure all its legs rest either entirely on or off the rug.

2. Weave
A rug’s weave determines its texture and durability. Some of the weaving techniques you can consider when buying rugs include:


In making a tufted rug, the yarn’s loops are cut off at the top to create a plush and flat surface. Then, the pile gets joined to a backing of latex.
If you want a cheaper alternative to hand made rugs, try these rugs. However, not that these rugs need regular vacuuming and are susceptible to shedding.


Hand-knotted rugs include tying of rug fibers on a loom by hand in their making. These hand made rugs require special skills and precise processing. They are high-quality and very durable in most cases. Therefore, expect to pay more for hand-knotted rugs.


These get made in the same way as tufted rugs. However, unlike tufted-rugs, the yarn loops in hooked rugs don't get cut off. That results in knobby-textured rugs with less disposition to shedding.


Flatwoven rugs are also known as dhurrie. They get made from various materials, including cotton, wool, and synthetics. They don't incorporate any backing but are very durable rugs.
These rugs incorporate patterns that you can see from both sides, making them reversible. Therefore, if one side of your rug becomes filthy, all you have to do is flip it over. Their high quality and durability make them ideal for high-traffic areas.


Machine-made rugs get woven on power looms. They are low priced as compared to hand made rugs. Their computer-driven processing means these rugs come with consistent quality and elaborate patterns.These rugs are made from synthetic fibers, making them ideal stain resistors. They are suitable for such low-traffic areas as bedrooms and beneath dining tables.

3. Material
An area rug's texture, durability, stain resistance, and price get determined by the material it's made from. Some of the materials you can consider when buying an area rug include:


Cotton gets used to make rugs that are versatile, easy to clean and maintain. However, cotton rugs have less durability. Also, they aren't as likely to shed as compared to wool.
Cotton rugs are ideal for your kitchen area since their material makes them machine-washable.


Wool is the most common fiber used in the manufacture of designer rugs. Wool is preferred for its durability, affordability, texture, and stain resistance. Woolen rugs provide warmth and sound noise retention.The woolen rugs require constant vacuuming due to regular shedding. However, hooked woolen rugs are less prone to shedding, more durable, and don’t require constant vacuuming.


This material gets used to make luxurious designer rugs with a soft texture and attractive natural sheen. That makes these rugs ideal for your bedroom. Silk rugs are more often more expensive than rugs made of other materials.Silk rugs have a high sensitivity to moisture and innate delicacy. If you want the luster of silk rugs, but you can't afford these luxury rugs, try viscose, bamboo, or banana silk rug alternatives.


Some synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene and polyester, also get used in making outdoor and indoor rugs. Synthetic fiber rugs have many advantages, including low maintenance, superior stain resistance, and high color-retention qualities. That makes them suitable for high traffic areas such as hallways and patios.

Natural fibers

Designer rugs can also get made from such natural fibers as sisal, sea grass, bamboo, and jute. These natural fibers mostly get used in making braided rugs and flatwoven rugs.
Most natural fiber rugs are very affordable and long lasting. In fact, of all the rug options, jute rugs are the most eco-friendly option.
When it comes to texture, bamboo and seagrass are quite smooth underfoot, but sisal and 100% jute rugs may feel scratchy to the touch. These rugs are ideal for dry rooms where the possibility of staining or them getting drenched is very low.

Hide, leather, and sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin and leather rugs get made from the hides of various animals. But, whereas sheepskin and hide rugs get entirely made from animal hides, leather rugs may incorporate woven strips.
These rugs are ideal for small areas, luxurious layering, and rooms with awkward shapes. They are also very easy to clean, and their texture is soothingly smooth. However, they are also prone to curling up at the edges and shedding.

Faux hide and faux fur rugs

These rugs are a great alternative if you have a limited budget or don't want to purchase authentic animal hide or sheepskin rugs. Typically, these rugs are power-woven and made from synthetic and acrylic blends. However, they tend to shed and aren't as easy to clean as authentic leather or sheepskin rugs.

How much money should I spend on a rug?

Your budget determines the type of rug you will end up buying. Some rug options, such as jute rugs, tend to be cheaper than luxurious options like silk. If you can afford high-end designer rugs, well and good. If not, ensure the area rug you pick matches your budget limits. Most hand made rugs tend to be more expensive than mass-produced rugs.

How do I clean a luxury rug?

Luxury area rugs require regular, professional cleaning. That is more so for rugs in high-traffic areas and those made from natural materials. Natural materials such as wool may develop an unwanted aroma if t cleaning and maintenance get neglected.

In addition, it may be unsanitary if you fail to clean your area rug at least or twice a year. Ensure the area rug you pick is easy for you to clean and maintain, or carry and pick from professional cleaners. Keep in mind that some rugs are easier to maintain than others.

How should my rug choice complement my home décor?

Pick a rug that complements the texture and color of your home décor. For example, a bold-colored, patterned area rug may be ideal for a light-colored room. Make sure your area rug and décor aren't clashing for attention.

How do I ensure the rug I purchase matches what I see online?

Shopping for rugs can be taxing and confusing. Most people are also bound to overlook a few things and end up with low-quality, overpriced rugs from shoddy dealers. Ensure you buy high-quality rugs using these hacks:

Find a reputable dealer

The first, most crucial factor that you should take into consideration before buying an area rug online is finding a reputable dealer. Reputable dealers will avail ethically manufactured rugs of the right quality. They also openly display any information concerning the area rug you want to buy, including material and processing, on their website.

You can check the reputability of a rug dealer from various previous buyer reviews. If buyers are complaining, shun that dealer, or you will end up with a low-quality area rug, or, even worse, get ripped. Don't take any chances when selecting a dealer. We here at Lawrence of La Brea have over 30 years of experience and continue to work with some of the most renowned designers in the world. Our team would love to cater to your needs and find you exactly what you're looking for from our inventory.

Shape and size

Most modern rugs, even high-end options, sometimes come with a few flaws or irregularities. However, if irregularities and flaws are too consistent in an area rug, its quality is definitely questionable.Check your rug’s dimensions on every side to ensure they are even. High-quality rugs tend to lie evenly flat on a floor without appearing uneven or having curled edges. Low-quality rugs, on the other hand, tend to be uneven.  They also have an unnatural shine or washed-out appearance.

Checks knots per square inch (KPSI)

Density, pattern clarity, and durability in an area rug are determined by the number of knots it has. The higher the quality of an area rug, the more knots it will contain, and vice versa.Ensure the rug you pick has the required number of knots because fewer knots lead to a looser weave, which, in turn, means less durability, especially in areas with high foot traffic.

The rug-making process matters

The time, quality of skill, and methods used to make an area rug also determine the rug's quality. Handmade rugs, especially hand-knotted ones, possess a higher quality than all the other options. The reason for high pricing is hand-knotting takes longer and results in more long lasting and aesthetically appealing rugs than the other processes.

Color and detailing

All sorts of dyes get used in transforming wool from brown and white shades to richer and more vibrant green, blue, yellow, red, and pink colors. When buying a rug, you can confirm its quality from the dye used. High quality rugs get dyed with dyes that either get derived from high-grade pigments or organic vegetables.
Handmade oriental rugs also require a great deal of time and labor in their making. Check the detailing because high-quality rugs have sharp patterns and appealing visual impact.

What are the most popular types of high-end rugs?

Contemporary rugs come in various designs. Our impressive rug collection at Lawrence of La Brea includes tens of thousands of options sourced from the finest materials and locations around the world. These options, as well as our best sellers, include vintage, art deco, flatweave, transitional, modern, and antique rugs.

Vintage or traditional area rugs

Vintage rugs were mostly woven in the mid-20th century, and they often are seeped with nostalgia. Vintage rugs originate from various countries, the most notable being Persia.We have countless area-rugs that will make your head swim with ecstasy in our collection.

Art deco area rugs

Art deco rugs got made in the deco period or "style moderne". This style was prevalent in the 1920s-'40s.  Art deco borrows from numerous styles, including art nouveau, cubism, neoclassical, modernism, and constructionist.

Flatweave area rugs

These rugs contain no knots at all. The whole surface of flatweaves is made up of fibers that run parallel to the rug's length and fibers that run along the rug's width. Flatweaves are an ideal option if you plan on moving soon. They are very easy to replace or remove.

Transitional area rugs

Transitional rugs are a blend of traditional and modern styles. One of the common styles used to make transitional rugs is updating traditional rugs with chic, modern characteristics. A rug can also contain an antique rug’s pattern coupled with a modern rug’s bold color palette.

Modern area rugs

Modern or contemporary rugs come with various modern designs that incorporate bold, contrasting colors, geometric, and numerous other free-form elements. These rugs' designs are heavily influenced by the arts & crafts and art deco periods.

Antique rugs

Antique rugs are rugs that are at least 80 years old. These rugs are steeped deep in culture and history. We have a wide variety of antique rugs in our collection. These rugs vary in size, quality, and origin.

What if I have a design for a rug in mind, but it needs to be custom made?

Our service also includes a customization option. This option allows you to get an area rug tailored to your needs and preferences. Whether it's an outdoor rug, a wool rug, something of Moroccan or Persian descent, of a specific pile height, a runner rug, for an entryway, of a kilim style... no matter the case, something of your own design is always a great option, especially when you fail to find one that coordinates seamlessly with your home décor.

If you want a rug for your staircase or an irregularly shaped room, custom rugs are the ideal solution for you. A custom rug will fit any space without losing appeal or appearing haphazardly set. That is the same case if the area you want to decorate is oversized compared to the rug sizes available in the market.

Contact us today to explore your customization options. We invite you to come create the rug design of your dreams.


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